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Products & Programs for Professionals

Are you from a facility or a healthcare organization?  Diana has products for you addressing falls, behaviors, dementia care, leadership and more.  Looking for educational materials?  Check out the list of products below.

Here’s the answer to the “Who can I get to speak for my group” question.  Whether you are searching for a keynote presentations or a breakout session speaker, Diana might be exactly what you were looking for!

Diana's DVDs, which were created during real live presentations, are educational AND entertaining.  
Looking for ready to use educational materials for your facility staff?  Order them below!
An excellent educational DVD explaining the RCCT from my colleague is also available below!

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Educational Materials for Professionals

I Was Thinking... Diana's Book

Is a workbook that helps people better communicate with their loved ones suffering from cognitive loss. It is a guide that can lead to happy, calm conversations.  The information discussed in this book may be new and different from what you have heard before.  This book truly has the potential of reconnecting you with a loved one you may have felt was lost to you because of cognitive loss.

$15.00 each

I'm Still In Here - Come Find Me!
My Todays are a Blur but My Yesterdays are My Strength
(Diana's newest DVD designed for families)
This DVD, of Diana presenting to families, is based on the valuable information contained in her book.  Presented in a warm, friendly, caring manner with just the right amount of humor, this DVD provides the reasons behind the need to plan conversation starters that lead to a calm, contented experience for both you and your loved one.  Here’s your opportunity to have Diana’s help at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home!

$40.00 each

Family Bonus Buy
Purchase Both the Book and the Family DVD and Save!
$45.00 each


My materials are good for all staff and contain teaching tools that make them perfect for staff developers!  Want to preview the DVD?  Simply click on the title of the DVD for a short clip of the program.

Individual DVDs – $85.00

All The King's Men; Managing Falls (#318-1101)
Residents falls giving you a challenge?  Now is the time for you to change your paradigm and manage falls with supportable interventions that surveyors can see in action!

Bathing Made Easy (#311-1101)
Stop the conflict while you accomplish that vital bath.

Hey Help Me Here! Behavior Management (#318-1100)
Managing behaviors in individuals with dementia is a challenge.  This DVD offers simple, easy to use, economical interventions that work!

Magic Tools of Behavior Management (#311-1002)
Empowering staff to really know the individual as a social being is the focus of this enjoyable, effective DVD.

Talk to Me!! Staff to Staff Communication (#318-1102)
Lack of effective communication is the basis of quality of care missteps. Teaching all staff to be effective communicators results in increased quality of care as well as the side effect of happy staff that stay!

Visits with Value (318-1107)
Teaching families how to be a partner in the resident’s care reduces their frustration and the staff comfort when working with the individual with dementia.   

Boxed Set Educational DVDs - $410.00

Set includes all Six DVDs above and Save 20%!


Simply call Diana Waugh at 419-351-7654 for discount pricing.

Educational Programs for Professionals

Professional audiences - Check out the wide variety of clinical and managerial topics.  The topics with “Keynote” designation are also great as Keynote presentations!
Looking for an excellent speaker who offers real-life solutions with a humorous flair?  I have a speaker for you!
We are sure you can find just the right program to meet your needs!

Clinical Topic Programs

If Momma Ain't Happy...The Key to Successfully Changing Long Term Care Culture is in Your Staff's Hands
Putting the Person Back into the Picture...Clinical Care with a Social Focus
All the King's Men...Managing Falls (DVD)
Don't Make Me Have To...Dealing with Combative Behaviors
Activities, Fun for All...It's the Responsibility of All LTC Staff
Hey, Help Me Here!!...Behavior Management (DVD)
Losin' & Lovin' It...Exploring Feelings of Institutionalization
Bathing Made Easy (DVD)
Magic Tools of Behavior Management (DVD)

Management Topic Programs

Talk to Me!!...Quality Care through Staff to Staff Communication (DVD), (KEYNOTE)   
You're Worth It! - Realizing the Importance of Self-Esteem and Self Respect in Staff Satisfaction (KEYNOTE)
It's In Your Hands...The Role of Nursing Management in LTC
Let's Get Together...Leadership through Teamwork
Why Don't They Stay?...Staff Retention
Befuddled by the Middle Management Muddle?...The Roles, Responsibilities and Fears of Those in Middle Management Positions
Visits with Value...Management’s Role in Teaching Families the Techniques for Successful Conversations with Their Loved Ones Who Have Cognitive Loss (DVD)
Looking Through the Eyes of Our Elders (KEYNOTE)
Just Say NO to Drugs and YES to Successful Behavior Management 

(DVD) = DVD Available for Purchase Above
(KEYNOTE) = Also Available as a Keynote Presentation
Additional programs can be created at the client's request.