August 2019 Newsletter

Solving the Dementia Puzzle One Piece at a Time!! Part 1

Dementia help

Living with a loved one who has dementia is challenging to say the least! This is first of a series of suggestions for you that can make your time together successful.

Due to their short-term memory loss they forget current events. A comment such as “I haven’t eaten” made right after they have had lunch can prompt you to say “You just ate”. Don’t argue with them but show your caring by making a comment such as “You must be hungry. What can I get you?

Bring up a good memory that they might be able to enjoy. Rather than saying “Do you remember the time we went to Niagara Falls” try “I was thinking about the time we went to Niagara Falls”. Your job? Learn their good memories so you can speak to them!

Give these a try, celebrate your success and watch for our next suggestions!

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Diana and her Mom Iona