December 2019 Newsletter

Solving the Dementia Puzzle One Piece at a Time!! Part 3

Dementia help

Welcome to the third in the series focusing on living with a loved one who has dementia. Learning communication tips will help you meet the challenges that can make your time together successful.


What better time to try using this extremely helpful technique? There are so many memories connected to the holidays. Each pleasant memory provides a conversation starter. Remembering old memories gives lots of options to make your loved one feel successful.

Be alert, however, to your frustration with repeated questions. Their short-term memory loss makes it difficult, if not impossible, for them to recall information you just told them. When they ask the same question over the tendency is to say “I already told you that.” That answer to their question can make them anxious at best and feeling like a failure at worst.

The best approach is to simply answer their question again. Repeating answers you just gave allows them to feel a part of the conversation without feeling failure.

Look in your memory bank and be ready with a story that might change their focus and allow you to give them a pleasant memory without getting stuck in the repeating question loop.

Need more in-depth discussion? Check out my workbook I WAS THINKING on my website or simply give me a shout for a little help.

Give this approach a try. Celebrate the holidays and watch for our next newsletter!

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