December 2020 Newsletter

May There be Peace on Earth

This year’s holiday celebrations will indeed be different with the need for social distancing, mask wearing and staying in your own bubble! But the ONE thing that isn’t different is your ability to communicate with your loved one with memory loss. Here are a few suggestions that will help you make the celebration as rewarding as possible for your loved one particularly those not living in your bubble.

  1. Refrain from referencing the date of the holiday ahead of the day.
  2. Celebrate on any day rather than the increasing pressure to keep the holiday on a particular date.
  3. Limit phone/video visits to 10-15 minutes and consider calling again rather than an extended tiring session for all.
  4. If looking for gift ideas consider things that can be enjoyed immediately such as favorite foods with no need to try to remember “who gave me this?” later.
  5. Use “I was thinking about the time…..” as you bring up old holiday memories and refrain from “Do you Remember the time….?”
  6. Gather holiday memories as future conversation starters.

You will be creating the tools you can use to make every exchange with them enjoyable and peaceful. Need a place to record those memories? Take a look at my Book and DVD Bundle.

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Diana and her Mom Iona