June 2018 Newsletter

Laughter is the Best Medicine After All

You all understand too well that memory loss isn’t funny. We all know laughing AT someone is never acceptable. However, laugher has a very important role for both the person suffering with memory loss and their caregivers. Laughing WITH someone has many benefits. But how to make it work for you? Summer fun offers many great opportunities for laughter.

Find out what the person thinks is funny. It might be an old story or an old joke that made them laugh in days gone by. Women often prefer stories while men often enjoy jokes. Perhaps it’s a TV show or an older cartoon that sparks the happy eyes, the smile and the laughter.

Armed with this knowledge about your loved one provides you with material that calls upon their long-term memory, which is their strength. Refrain from saying “Do You Remember…” and replace it with “I was thinking about…
* that time we forgot to pack the silverware for our picnic!”
* when we got all wet as we vacationed at Niagara Falls.”
* the family reunion where Uncle Jack won the watermelon eating contest.”
* sitting on the front porch, just talking, while watching the children run
through the sprinkler.”
* eating the wonderful apple pie Mildred always made for July 4th.”

The topics are personal and endless!

Refrain from jokes about current events since this often requires knowledge of topics that might be difficult for them due to short-term memory loss.

The goal is stress-free fun for everyone. Laughing together feels good ….. and is truly the best medicine!

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Diana and her Mom Iona