March 2022 Newsletter

Managing Repeated Questions!

Hope you enjoyed my National Caregiver Day video I sent you in February.

In trying to broaden Waugh Consulting’s reach, my team has decided to make better use of my YouTube channel to provide you with “live” messages rather than a monthly newsletter.

New in 2022, I will regularly post suggestions and insights that help families navigate the challenges associated with caregiving.

Take a look at the Managing Repeated Questions video on my YouTube channel.

As we increase the number of video messages available we will be transitioning away from sending the newsletter. To prepare everyone for this transition, here is the link to my YouTube channel.

Diana Waugh’s YouTube Channel

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel while you are there watching one of the videos. Once you click Subscribe, click the little bell icon to the right and you will be notified every time a new video message is added!

Looking forward to “talking to you” on YouTube!

Our Thanks

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Diana and her Mom Iona