May 2019 Newsletter


I want to go home –
what might it mean?

Many times a person with memory loss says “I want to go home.” What might it mean? Here is a helpful list offered by Wiser Now Caregiving Focus.

The message is, “I am uncomfortable where I am right now.” Home is comfortable – where our needs are met and we are loved, so if I say, “I want to go home,” I may mean that:

  • I am too hot or cold
  • I am hungry or thirsty
  • I have to go to the bathroom
  • I am tired and need a place to rest
  • I am uncomfortable by glare or too little light to see clearly
  • I am disturbed by noise including music
  • I am disturbed by the tension or discord where I am
  • I feel unsafe
  • I need a hug and reassurance
  • I feel out of place, unaccepted as I am

Start by addressing those needs….you may find the key to understanding their message.

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Diana and her Mom Iona