November 2021 Newsletter

Thanksgiving 2021 – The Holiday is Upon Us!

Thanksgiving starts the season of family get togethers. We all want the time we spend with family to be calm and contented for all. When a loved one suffers from short-term memory loss, getting together can be stressful.

Here are a few simple tried and true tips that can reward everyone with enjoyable memories.

  1. Dates often are confusing for your loved one so refrain from referencing the date with comments such as “Next Thursday is Thanksgiving,” or “Only a week until Thanksgiving.”
  2. Large groups are very stressful so consider meeting in a common area but have a place where the person can get away from it all for a while.
  3. The eyes have it! Watch their eyes and they will tell you when the event is becoming too overwhelming for them. Their eyes will lose their sparkle and you will see them staring off into space. Time for a retreat from the group.
  4. Bring up good Thanksgiving memories by using the phrase “I was thinking about ….” and “Mom’s pineapple dessert was always my favorite!” while refraining from using the phrase “Do you remember….”.

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Wishing you a calm and memorable Thanksgiving!

Watch for the December newsletter which will provide tips for gifts for them as well as how to prepare for rewarding visits and conversations about Christmas memories.

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