October 2018 Newsletter

Let’s Eat Out!

Eating with loved ones is one of the most enjoyed events of our lives! However, eating out can present a challenge for your loved ones dealing with memory loss.

Remembering that their short-term memory is their weakness, your role at the restaurant is vital. Most menus have WAY TOO MANY choices for them to easily select what they want to eat without becoming frustrated.

Our goal is always to provide a failure-free experience for them. With that in mind here are a few helpful tips that will keep them in the driver’s seat and make them successful:

  • Know what foods they like
  • Know any of their food specifics, such as 3 creamers in their coffee or toast that is almost burnt!
  • Refrain from giving them the menu and waiting for their selection
  • Offer them two selections from food items you know they like which reduces the stress of trying to understand all of the possibilities
  • Don’t rush them but if you see frustration mounting——
  • Share what items you are interested in having
  • Suggest one of the two items you are offered with a comment such as “That sounds really good to me!”
  • Allow them to order if they wish, but be ready to assist with the questions such as kind of bread, kind of potato, vegetable, soup/salad first or with meal, etc. based on your knowledge of their eating habits.

Completing the ordering process without frustration leads all of you to the enjoyable part of the meal….the eating and the socialization!

Bon Appétit

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Diana and her Mom Iona