October 2020 Newsletter

“Tooting My Own Horn!!”

The mmLearn organization posted a video of one of my family presentations on YouTube entitled How to Talk to Someone with Dementia. Many viewers found it full of common sense approaches. Check out the comments on YouTube!

It is a good overview of great techniques that allow the person with memory loss to feel successful and useful as they communicate with you.

In case you haven’t had a chance to see it yet (referenced in the August Newsletter) please click on this link:

How to Talk to Someone With Dementia

The information I shared of course comes from my book “I WAS THINKING…” and another DVD for families “I’M STILL IN HERE – COME FIND ME!”. If after viewing the presentation you would like to purchase my materials simply Click Here or just give me a call at 419 351-7654!!

In these trying times conversations are often all we have to make lasting memories. Make them successful.

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Diana and her Mom Iona