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Uh-Oh, I Said “NO”. How Do I Fix A Communication Mistake?

You are human, and humans make mistakes! In the stress of the moment, you will forget and snap a “no” at your loved one, or you’ll say, “Sure you remember when we did that.”
It’s not a matter of not knowing what to say, but rather the results of trying to blend your own life, your feelings, how you talk differently with your loved one with short term memory loss that is different from how to talk with all others and what else is going on at that moment.

My list of fixes starts with Don’t Panic, provides easy to apply suggestions and finally reaffirms that you are human and can correct what you said and simply move on. The more prepared you are to fix it the less stress and frustration both you experience.

Watch and learn that you can do this!

VT# 13: Uh-Oh, I Said “NO”. How Do I Fix A Communication Mistake?

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