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Pictures are Worth 1000 Words….So Be Careful!

You are probably wondering what on earth could be the problem with looking at pictures with a person dealing with a short-term memory challenge? Pictures are pretty and can spark long term memories, right? Although all of that is true, as with any activity, a little planning is extremely important before sitting down with a picture album. Cardinal rule: DON’T ask someone with memory-loss, “Do you Remember…?” That is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. They have trouble remembering and asking that question is just a lose-lose situation. The good news is you can elicit memories with simple statements such as, “Boy, he was really handsome,” or “I always liked the way she wore her hair” or “Look at that bathing suit. It must have taken a while just to get into it!” What you’re doing is sharing your observation of the photo and stating a non-threatening fact that often prompts your loved one to respond. Laughter is often a welcome result. Learn other tips such as how to plan for the sharing of pictures and what to do it a picture gets an unexpected sad response from your loved one.

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VT #14 Pictures are Worth 1000 Words….So Be Careful

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