October 2023 Newsletter

BEWARE! The Friendly Stranger!

We’ve talked at length about mistakes we make when talking with our loved ones that cause them to feel unhappy or insecure. The two biggest mistakes are:
Asking short-term memory questions, and
Not living in their reality by pointing out mistakes in their statements.

Today, I’m going to talk about what can happen when we consistently make these mistakes. As our loved ones become more and more frustrated and unhappy with us and our lines of communication are damaged, they become very vulnerable to that “Friendly Stranger”. This is the person(s) who’s only goal is convince our loved ones to give them information and often money!

Let’s see how the “Friendly Stranger” communicates that makes them so successful. We’ll take a look at how to use their approach to keep communications working for us and our loved one with cognitive loss.
VT #16: Beware the Friendly Stranger!

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